Zumba was created by accident. In the 90s, Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez, was teaching an aerobics class and he forgot his usual music. Subsequently, he reached into his backpack and took out tapes of salsa music, thereby creating Zumba. Zumba merges fast paced (over 145 rpm ideally) Latin and International music into aerobic routines to create a fun dance-aerobic exercise. Through a combination of slow and fast movements of the body, Zumba tones and sculpts your body.

Workout Plan

times a week
calories burnt per hour

Is Zumba For You?


Improves coordination, which is essential as you get older

Especially strengthens and tones calves and ankles

Zumba makes it easy to reach your target heart rate in a fun and enjoyable way

Builds your endurance levels and strengthens your heart

Boosts your confidence levels

Great social workout and way to meet new people


It is recommended that new students stay to the front of the class to maintain a good view of the instructor

Good shoes are key – suggested footwear includes cross trainers, dance sneakers or even running shoes