ViPR (stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) is a full body functional training routine done with a load. It was created by Michol Dalcourt after he observed that farm kids were stronger and more agile while moving around with load in their everyday lives. ViPR promotes three dimensional movement and improves agility, strength, balance. It is a great workout to reach your fitness goals whether it be weight management or enhanced performance in all levels of sport.

Workout Plan

time a week
calories burnt per hour

Is ViPR For You?


Increases mobility and agility

Improves multi-directional strength, power and stability

Enhances balance, coordination and timing

Greater calorie burn during and post workout


To improve balance and coordination, stand on one leg on either side of the Bosu Ball

For ankle stabilisation and reduce the likelihood of injury, stand on the rounded part of the ball