Thera Band

Thera-Bands are resistance bands that can stretch upto 300%. Lighter resistance bands are great for rehabilitation post injury while the higher resistance bands are excellent for maximum resistance training. Thera-Bands can be incorporated into your regular routine to make it more interesting and to achieve better results faster. Training with Thera-Bands have been shown to prevent rotator cuff injuries.  

Workout Plan

times a week
calories burnt per hour

Is using a Thera Band For You?


Economically priced as a exercise accessory

Can be used on your travels as it is very portable

Versatile and can be combined with numerous exercises

Can be safely used without instructor guidance


Take your time while using the Thera-band. Slower contractions require greater strength and can therefore tone your muscles more effectively

Focus on your breathing – exhale during exercises that require exertion and inhale as you return to the starting position