Power Plate

Power-Plate is a machine that sends vibrations through the body to stimulate it to contract and relax. by On average, standing on a Power-Plate can trigger 30-50 muscle contractions every second. Since numerous muscle groups are engaged at the same time, it is believed that a 10 minute session on the Power-Plate can yield the same results as 1 hour of standard high intensity training. The inventor Guus Van Der Meer highlighted that the Power Plate can be used across all age groups up to the age of 94 years.

Workout Plan

time a week
calories burnt per hour

Is Power Plate For You?


Increases muscle strength and overall power

Better flexibility and overall endurance

Faster recovery

Increases  bone mineral density which is vital as you age

Better circulation and cardiovascular function


Ensure that your posture is correct

Ideally start with 30 seconds per exercise and gradually increase the time

Keep your knees bent

Ensure to stay hydrated throughout your entire session