Kettle Bell

With origins from Russia, a kettlebell is a century old training tool that looks like a cannon ball with a handle. Kettlebell training is a unique form of weight training that engages several parts of your body simultaneously. Kettlebells can be incorporated into exercises that include momentum furled swinging or traditional squat exercises. The kettlebell is a full body conditioning workout which improves range of movement and motion.

Workout Plan

time a week
calories burnt per hour

Is Kettle Bell For You?


Tighten and tone your core

An average session will help you burn 400 calories (generally equivalent to 1 meal)

Builds strength in your legs and arms at the same time

Improves your posture


Take a few sessions with a certified trainer to learn proper form and exercise variations

Always keep your core engaged during the workout to ensure maximum calorie burn

Train yourself to breathe correctly while swinging to maximise fat loss