Bosu Ball

A BOSU (stands for ‘Both Sides Utilised) ball is a fitness device with a flat platform on one side and a rubber dome on the other. Invented in 1999 by David Beck, the BOSU ball is a versatile device that can be included to enhance most workouts to improve balance. Since your muscles need be constantly engaged to stabilise your body, BOSU ball workouts tend to be more intense calorie burners.

Workout Plan

time a week
calories burnt per hour

Is Bosu Ball For You?


Great for giving your workout some variety

New workout routines make your body adapt to new stimuli

Allows your body to adapt to new levels of difficulty

Improves balance and coordination


To improve balance and coordination, stand on one leg on either side of the Bosu Ball

For ankle stabilisation and reduce the likelihood of injury, stand on the rounded part of the ball