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Embark on a rewarding fitness business journey with Chisel Fitness! Our franchise opportunities offer a proven blueprint for success in the booming health and wellness industry. As a Chisel Fitness franchisee, you’ll gain access to our trusted brand, cutting-edge fitness programs, and a dedicated support network.

With a passion for fitness and a commitment to changing lives, you can be part of our mission to bring health and vitality to communities. Join us in spreading the Chisel Fitness lifestyle and building a strong, prosperous future for yourself and your clients.

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Exclusive Support Ensuring Mutual Growth & Success

Set Up

The franchisor will support franchisees right from choosing the best location to helping in the design, architecture and set up of the center.


The franchisor will conduct regular franchisee training programs for instructors, counsellors, trainers and the front staff. Special skill enhancing workshops will be conducted from time to time.


The franchisor will provide franchisees with a detailed list of equipment from world’s leading brands for sourcing


The franchisor will facilitate franchisees with software required to run the business in an organized manner both at the front and back end. We will also provide the franchisee tech gamification and CRM system.


The franchisor will share a detailed marketing plan designed to assist franchisees in effectively communicating the brand proposition thereby increasing and retaining customer base.


Assistance in recruitment and motivating manpower and equipping franchisees with tools to build a quality team.


The franchise will be provided with a dedicated eCommerce portal through with you could sell relevant products and equipment, and we will handle all the package and shipping.

Operations Manual

The franchisor will provide an Operations Manual to maintain uniformity and operate franchisee set up as per franchisor guidelines.

Franchisee Coordinator

The franchisor will appoint dedicated personnel to bridge the communication between the franchisee and the franchisor

PR Support

The franchisor will ensure regular coverage for CHISEL at the national and regional level, and help in centralized brand building through Print, Outdoor, Web, Retail and Electronic media.

Advertising & Promotions

The franchisor will organize events specific to marketing/branding of CHISEL at the national level.

2000 - 3500 sqft


Group Workout
Freestyle Training
Basic Gym
3000 - 4000 sqft


All facilities of Express
Wet Area
5000 - 6000 sqft


All facilities of Studio
Studio Format
Health Cafe
Pro Shop
7000 and above

Super Luxury

All facilities of Luxury
Smart Pool
Hydro Fitness
Franchisee Form

More Facilities


A customized diet plan is a unique and personalized approach to healthy eating that considers an individual’s preferences, lifestyle, and specific health goals.

Schedule and Bookings

Members are expected to come but don’t show up? Allow members to cancel online to allow a replacement member to take up his/her spot.

Home Workout Measurement

Fitness tests can be performed at home to assess your fitness level. These measurements help identify strengths, weaknesses, and guide future workouts.

Club Management CRM

Integrated with your Virtual or studio/ Gym Fitness Software to help make life easier and so you can focus on growth of your business rather than worrying about payments, scheduling, invoices, etc.

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