Own a Chisel

We have an ambition to open and run at least 100 centres across India over the next two years.  For this, Chisel Management is inviting franchisees and joint venture opportunities.


Group Workout, Freestyle Programs, Functional Training, CrossFit, Basic Gym


Group Workout, Freestyle Programs, Functional Training, Basic Gym, Wet Area, Steam, Lockers


All Facilities of Express, Studio Format, Spinning, Health Café + Pro Shop

Super Luxury

All Facilities of Express, Studio Format, Spinning, Smart Pool / Hydro Fitness, Health Café + Pro Shop

Our Support, Our Growth

CHISEL (The Franchisor) will provide extensive and exclusive guidance & support to ensure smooth operations and hassle-free functioning of the Franchised Center. We promise to work towards our mutual growth and success in this venture.


Burn calories, increase lung capacity and heart eminency.

Enhance athletic performance, Increase Strength.

Weight management, increase lean body mass, increase BMR, and reduce fat.

mass and increase the bone density.

To ensure healthy eating for people coming to the center. In-house cafe serving healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit juices, salads, skimmed shakes etc.

Workout like athletes with the latest freestyle equipment to increase strength, balance, core strength, flexibility and coordination

Enjoy the fun-filled and cutting edge group classes to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals.

Burn calories with fun spinning workouts and powerful music.

Offers branded fitness clothing and accessories for members.

The franchisor will support franchisees right from choosing the best location to helping in.

the design, architecture and setup of the center.

The franchisor will conduct regular franchisee training programs for instructors, counsellors, trainers and the front staff. Special skill enhancing workshops will be conducted from time to time.

The franchisor will provide franchisees with a detailed list of equipment from world’s leading brands for sourcing.

The franchisor will facilitate franchisees with software required to run the business in an organized manner, both at the front and back end.

The franchisor will share a detailed marketing plan designed to assist franchisees in effectively communicating the brand proposition thereby increasing and retaining customer base.

We shall provide utmost assistance in recruitment and motivating manpower and equipping franchisees with tools to build a quality team.

The franchisor will provide an Operations Manual to maintain uniformity and operate franchisee set up as per franchisor guidelines.

The franchisor will appoint dedicated personnel to bridge the communication between the franchisee and the franchisor.

The franchisor will organize events specific to marketing/branding of CHISEL at the national Level.

The franchisor will ensure regular coverage for CHISEL at the national and regional level, and help in centralized brand building through Print, Outdoor, Web, Retail and Electronic media.

* Only in Luxury & Super-Luxury Models


Lesmills Programs

1. Body Pump
2. Body Combat
3. Grit Series
4. Rpm

* Exclusively introduced in India

Functional Training

1. Vipr
2. Trx
3. Power-plate
4. Kettle Bell
5. Kettle Bell
6. Tera-Band
7. Ladder, cones, medicine ball tyre with sledge hammer
8. Bosu Ball
9. Plyobox

Freestyle Programs

1. Bolly Fusion
2. Abs Blast
3. Heart Core
4. Zumba
5. H.I.I.T
6. Power Yoga
7. R.I.P.P.
8. Move it
9. MMA

outdoor Fitness

1. Trekking
2. Cycling
3. Running
4. Yoga

Hydro fitness

1. Water Yoga
2. Water Aerobics
3. Aqua Therapy



1. Nexersys

About Fix My Nutrition

Fix My Nutrition offers customised performance meals crafted around specific fitness goals with the aim to bust the myth that healthy meals have to be boring and bland. These meals are curated by a group of expert nutritionists, dieticians and chefs to adhere to your preferences. We offer genetic testing services for you to make informed decisions when it comes to health and fitness. Genetic testing enables you to know your body type and genes and align your fitness goals accordingly.

Fix My Nutrition is delivered in three formats – An express counter which requires you

to pre-order through an app, a luxury cafe which is based in a gym and a super luxury

cafe based in larger gym spaces.

Fix My Nutrition is part of Chisel Fitness wherever you go!

Schedule and Bookings

  1. COVID limiting Members in the Gym?

Effectively limit member traffic in the studio by allowing members to book Gym slots online.


    2.Members are expected to come but don’t show up?

Allow members to cancel online to allow a replacement member to take up his/her spot.


Home Workout Measurement

Integrated Devices

Club Management CRM

Integrated with your Virtual or studio/ Gym Fitness Software to help make life easier and so you can focus on growth of your business rather than worrying about payments, scheduling, invoices, etc.

About Founder & Director- Mrs. Satya Sinha

She comes from a traditional family background in Manipur. In a quest to broaden her horizons, she moved to Bangalore to complete her higher education. As a firm disciplinarian and follower of a strict fitness regime, Satya founded one of the country’s first corporate wellness & stress management centres, with her business partner and husband, Dr Shardul Sinha, a qualified MBBS. This entrepreneurial idea culminated into a thriving corporate fitness business, where today the power couple operates over 237 corporate fitness centres under the brand name Medifit Consultants and about 87 + 33 Centres under the Brand Name “Chisel Fitness” spread across the country and GCC.

As a first-generation fitness entrepreneur, Satya has never rested on her laurels, and after becoming a pioneer in the corporate fitness market, she is now confident of capturing the growing B2C fitness market in India- gym brand “Chisel Fitness”, New Age Fitness # NeverStop. Satya with her extensive experience in the fitness domain, her vision is to make “Chisel” India’s preferred  destination for new age holistic fitness. Together, they aim to take B2C fitness in India to the next level, and the brand Chisel has already partnered with the best names from the global fitness market, such as Les Mills, Life Fitness, Exer Gaming, Fix my nutrition and Hydro Fitness.

“My Success mantra is to Lead from the Front. #NeverStop working hard. Build a  Network and Team which believes in achieving nothing but the best. I have always tried to visualize a goal which is of universal importance. Having worked under Industrial Legend Mr. Ratan Tata for quite some time at International Tech Park, Bangalore, it was clear to inculcate entrepreneurial values. The Best truth I have discovered is when the mind, body and soul are in perfect harmony, you notice that the human race is at its inspired best”. Fitness is ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ in harmony. A fittest employee in this sense can contribute the best for his company and as well bring in the best to this family. Taking it further, a nation with such people can always stay inspired, bring in positivity, breed good health, wellness, growth and concentrate on global development.

My Vision for brand Chisel

Chisel intends to become India’s No.1 International brand in the sector of fitness. Chisel believes that once it’s established in tier 1 and metro cities, it will target the tier II and 20 smart cities as planned by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to capture the growing Indian middle-class population who are spending an increasing amount of their disposable income on fitness. As international Expansions at Dubai and Srilanka are in place, Chisel is looking at other SAARC and ASEAN countries to expand.

Chisel, as a Fitness & Wellness brand will play a major role in the growth and promotion of fitness in India, by introducing new and revolutionary workout techniques such as: Body Cross-over Functional Training and Individualized Body Transformation programs designed based on the DNA Fit Test Report.

Concept of Chisel

B2C- Chisel has brought in International programs like the Hydro fitness, LesMills, Exer Gaming, Outdoor fitness, Cardio Zone, Functional Zone, Freestyle programs, Resistance Zone, free weight training, GX Studio, Spin Studio, Health Café, Pro-shop and etc. It has also blended traditional fitness programs with new age modern fitness programs. Introduced a nutrition partner on board with “fix my nutrition” which specializes in food for fitness/health conscious people. BFC, Bangalore Bulls team and the JSW Kabaddi, contestants for Miss India and Miss Universe competitions get trained at Chisel Gyms. It has introduced a new concept of “#NeverStop Fitness Party” which is becoming popular day by day among the fitness conscious public.

B2B-  In our B2B segment we have more than 237 outlets and covered most of the tech parks and software companies / corporates in the country. “In this highly challenging and competitive world, setting up an indigenous Brand like “Chisel “and “Medifit” and meeting the large-scale fitness requirements of this nation has been the highest point of my career” – Satya Sinha.

New Partnerships

  1. Chisel Acquired Snap Fitness India to Consolidate its Mid Segment Offerings.
  2.  Snap with its existing 52 Centres in India, will offer services to Entry and Mid Segment Gym Centres
  3.  Chisel will continue to expand its Luxury and Super Luxury Centres Segments to dominate the Fitness Market in India.

Brand Achievements

  1. Franchise India has ranked Chisel among top 100 Franchise Opportunities for the year 2015 in its annual survey.
  2.  Chisel was awarded as the Emerging Franchisor of the year 2015.
  3. Mrs. Satya Sinha was awarded Lady Entrepreneur of the year in 2012.
  4. Mrs. Satya Sinha was awarded Franchise Professional of the year 2015.
  5. Chisel was awarded as the “Fastest Growing Brand In India” at international quality awards.
  6.  Chisel was awarded National Gym of the Year 2016 from CMO Asia.
  7. Golden Globe Tiger Awards, Malaysia – 2016 for Excellence in Healthcare Management.
  8. Mrs. Satya Sinha was awarded “Emerging Corporate Leader” Award 2017 at Singapore.


In this lockdown, get fit at the comfort of your house with our New Age Fitness App.

With Chisel you can Workout at your convenience using only bodyweight whilst also having the option to weight train under our experts guidance. Our Application includes a series of workouts with a detailed description of each to help you ensure you will get the best possible results.

In this new normal, it is time to start a new lifestyle, to feel better, to stay safe and most importantly, to get healthier. Our app has workouts for your abs, chest, legs, and arms as well as full body workouts . You can even schedule your workout and check rest days . We also provide Exercises with video support for every workout . With our diet plans for various goals we ensure you keep healthy and fit . Chisel diet plan consists of fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains that you any way consume in day to day life. Not just this,we also offer recipes to make your diet tasty and at the same time healthy. We not only focus on reducing your fats and gaining muscle, but also cleansing and detoxifying your body so that you feel energetic and have an uplifted mood everyday.

The best part is we provide all this at no cost. The only investment we expect is for you to prioratize your health above all else.

Our fitness app is your one stop destination for all round fitness and nutrition.

* Now you can receive customise workout programs from chisel in the app

* You can video’s for the customise programs

* Minor UI and performance updates