Years ago many of us wouldn’t have ever come across the term “kettlebell”, however today, a gym wouldn’t be doing itself justice if it didn’t have a bunch of kettlebells stacked up in a corner. As their popularity continually rises, many have come to observe that the kettlebells are excellent training tools that provide a complete body workout enhancing one’s strength and conditioning. The problem is many of us tend to use the tools improperly and automatically disregard all the wonderful benefits of an efficient kettlebell workout. Today we’re going to introduce to you the 3 best kettlebell workouts you need to do to master the fundamental techniques and achieve the best results. Follow these and you’re well on your way to that chiselled body!

Exercise 1: The Swing

This single movement exercise is a great combination of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. Also known as the Russian-style kettlebell swing, the kettlebell needs to be held with both hands and a fairly relaxed grip. This is a hip dominant exercise and hence ensuring that the rest of your lower body is intact, you swing the kettlebell and project it to shoulder-height only while moving your hips forward and back. The swing is not only the foundation of all kettlebell exercises, but is also the most powerful movement as it leads to a number of benefits including total body strengthening and fat loss.

Exercise 2: The Goblet Squat

Want to see immediate results on that booty? The goblet squat is the way to go. Squatting is one of the most effective fundamental movements to any and every workout. Once again, while holding the kettlebell with a relaxed grip, you slowly and steadily proceed to doing a simple squat. This technique teaches your body how to move safely and efficiently – essentially required for all kettlebell exercises. If you’re new to the fitness world, the goblet squat is the perfect exercise to begin with!

Exercise 3: The Turkish Get-Up

The most advanced out of the 3 kettlebell exercises, the Turkish get-up is a slow paced workout. You begin by lying on the floor, holding the kettlebell firmly with both your hands and then immediately proceed to a standing position and then lie back down again. This entire movement is done in a specific sequence of transitions. Without the kettlebell this exercise can be performed relatively easily, however the benefit of adding the kettlebell is the strength, mobility and skilled movement required by your body. As the Greeks used to say kalos sthenos meaning “beautiful strength” and that’s exactly what the Turkish get-up results in. An overall effective exercise that improves shoulder strength, hip and trunk power and enhanced flexibility.